Effects of spinal manipulative therapy on inflammatory mediators in patients with non-specific low back pain: a non-randomized controlled clinical trial Following a short course of SMT treatments overall alterations in the inducible production of inflammatory mediators in acute and chronic non-specific LBP were limited. However, a significant reduction in the production of IL-6 in chronic patients, and an enhanced IL-2 production in acute patients were observed along with reduction in pain and self-reported functional outcomes. Furthermore, the significance and direction of SMT-related change scores as well as the moderate-to-large effect sizes observed for several mediator levels studied indicate the potential of this intervention to impact the inflammatory process in LBP patients. Collectively, these results suggest that full-scale randomized controlled trials are warranted to further explore the effects of SMT on inflammatory processes in LBP patients. #science #chiropractor #chiropractic #research #education #evidence based #patient centered #interprofessional #collaborative #rehabilitation #public health #spinal health #musculoskeletal health #ethics #pain #function #disability #QOL #knowledgetranslation


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