Skills, attitudes and uptake of evidence-based practice: a cross-sectional study of chiropractors in the Swedish Chiropractic Association This is the first study to examine the skills, attitude and uptake of EBP, as well as the barriers and enablers of EBP uptake, among Swedish chiropractors who are members of the Swedish Chiropractic Association. Although participating chiropractors reported a generally positive attitude towards EBP, their level of engagement in EBP activities was modest. A number of perceived barriers to EBP uptake may have contributed to this modest level of engagement, including a lack of clinical evidence in chiropractic, lack of time and insufficient skills in locating, appraising and translating evidence into practice. Notwithstanding, a deeper exploration of the barriers and facilitators to EBP utilisation is warranted. The findings of such work would help inform innovative strategies aimed at improving EBP skill development and supporting EBP uptake among Swedish chiropractors.

#science #chiropractor #chiropractic #research #education #evidence based #patient centered #interprofessional #collaborative #rehabilitation #public health #spinal health #musculoskeletal health #ethics #pain #function #disability #QOL #knowledgetranslation


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